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Demographic and healthcare vulnerabilities driving health tech developments

If current trends continue, by 2029 China’s population will peak at 1.44 billion, with dramatically imbalanced ratios of young to old (4 grandparents, 2...

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#5 The BugDrug Project

A large number of patients do not respond well to commonly used drugs. Some patients even suffer from side effects. In Europe alone, about...

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China’s Vaccine Program and mRNA Technology

Globally, a process of immunization has started. The first Covid-19 vaccines have been approved by national and regional medicinal drug supervisors such as the...

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REGISTER: Alternative Protein Webinar and Roadshow

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Vacancy: Innovation Officer at the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Shanghai, P.R. China

Job description: The Netherlands Innovation Network China is a government network focused on Innovation, Technology and Science in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Its main tasks...

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