Netherlands Innovation Network (“Innovatie Attaché Netwerk” in Dutch) is part of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs that operates in multiple countries with a strong innovation capacity and/or potential. This network aims to improve the innovation capabilities of the Netherlands by linking global and Dutch innovation networks. Focus areas for the organization are science, research, technology and innovation. 荷兰科技办公室是荷兰使领馆创新专员网络的一部分,隶属于荷兰经济部,在世界各地许多国家运作,具有极强的创新能力和潜力。此网络致力于通过连接全球及荷兰创新网络来增强创新能力。该组织的主要领域包括科学、研究、技术和创新。

Netherlands Innovation Network in China holds office in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Our office facilitates research, high-tech development and innovation cooperation between the Netherlands and China. We represent the innovative sectors in the Netherlands and inform stakeholders about Chinese developments, opportunities and business models. Stakeholders include companies, universities, governments, and grant providers.


The focus of our efforts has gradually shifted from academics to industrial R&D. Today, public-private partnerships, including academic-industrial collaborations, become increasingly important in global innovation ecosystems. By promoting collaborations with Dutch innovative partners, we contribute to the strengthening of the innovative capacities of both China and the Netherlands. 荷兰科技办公室工作的重点正逐渐从学术领域向产业研发转移。今天,公私合伙(包括学术与产业之间的合作)在全球创新生态体系里的重要性日益增强。通过推广与荷兰创新伙伴们的合作,荷兰科技办公室为加强中荷双方的创新能力提供了一定的帮助.