For researchers from or working with the Netherlands

There are many different aspects of importance in the work of a scientist in China. This is especially true in the more and more competitive and international environment of most modern research. Many of these topics are as relevant for foreigners as for Chinese that have returned to China after a career abroad. How to get access to information or deal with cultural differences? How to secure funding from a variety of schemes and joint calls? How to collaborate efficiently and build a strong network? What to prepare for visa arrangements and how to deal with bureaucracy? How to maintain contact with colleagues back in theNetherlands and other countries?

The Netherlands Science Network (NSN) in China is a network of scientists related to the Netherlands and currently active at a Chinese university or research institute. The goal is to gain information, share experiences and discuss potential collaborations with colleagues from different universities and all focus areas. Currently the network consists of more than 200 researchers. Are you a (Dutch) researcher yourself and would you like to join our events? Then leave your email below so we can inform you about when our next meeting will take place.



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