Shanghai Dutch Innovators and Manufacturers Network (DIMA) and Netherlands Science Network meeting

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China recovered relatively quickly from the COVID crisis due to an immediate lockdown and strict testing policy. Therefore Dutch companies in the Shanghai region were able to quickly go back to business as well. Therefore, on November 3 we continued hosting our quarterly meeting of DIMA, a network of 60 Dutch companies active in manufacturing / R&D in the Shanghai …

Brain-inspired Artificial Intelligence in China

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Future world supplier of AI products Saudi Arabia is rich in oil and is able to supply a large part of the world’s demand. Similarly, China has the potential to become the world largest supplier of artificial intelligence products. Consider the inputs needed for artificial intelligence: access to capital, cheap, easy to get (cloud) computing power, a large pool of …

Photos of the CSITF 2017

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Pictures of the China Shanghai International Technology Fair 2017 and the related events can be found on the dropbox link below. This folder will be updated when we have more photos available. Photos CSITF      

International Symposium on Intellectual Property Management and Open Innovation

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Introduction On Friday April 21st in Shanghai, the International Symposium on Intellectual Property Management and Open Innovation took place, organized by the Holland Innovation Network China, Zhejiang University School of Management – Institute for Intellectual Property Management, and the Shanghai Pudong Intellectual Property Bureau. This symposium was part of the 2017 China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair (CSITF), for which the Netherlands …