Hydrogen Webinar: Green H2 Production

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Wednesday June 19 we hosted our second Hydrogen Webinar, covering green hydrogen production. Wei Dong ZHANG, Programme Director Energy & Environment Team at the UNDP, gave an opening speech and introduced the topic.

Jörg Gigler, Managing Director at TKI New Gas, introduced several green hydrogen production projects that are currently conducted in the Netherlands.

Hui ZHAO, Technical Director at Hypower, talked about hydrogen production in China and about green hydrogen production practice in Zhangjiakou.

Lennart van der Burg, Business Development Manager Green Hydrogen at TNO, shared his view of Dutch experience in green hydrogen production.

Wilko van Kampen, CEO of XINTC, gave a brief introduction on smart alkaline systems.

The presentations of the speakers can be downloaded below.

The webinar can be reviewed here (YouTube):

For the Chinese audience, the episode can be reviewed here (YouKu):


Jörg Gigler – TKI New Gas, Top Sector Energy

Hui ZHAO – Hypower

Lennart van der Burg – TNO

 Wilko van Kampen – XINTC

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