H2 Webinar: A Science Perspective

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On Wednesday July 1 we hosted our fourth Hydrogen Webinar, focussing on the science of hydrogen. Piet Warnaar, Senior Business Developer at TNO opened the webinar with an opening presentation.

Then Lennart van der Burg, Business Development Manager Green Hydrogen at TNO talked about the Flywheel for Innovation.

Dr. Hong Mei YU, Researcher at the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, gave an introduction of hydrogen and fuel cell-related research.

PV Aravind, Professor at Energy and Sustainability Research Institute  Universiteit Groningen, talked about hydrogen fuel cell systems and emission reduction – from research to application.

Cun Man ZHANG, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor at Tongji University School of Automotive Studies, talked about the “Hydrogen on the Yangtze River” project in Tongling.

The webinar was wrapped up by a research sharing presentation of Dr. Matteo Gazzani, Assistant Professor at Utrecht University.

The presentations of the speakers can be downloaded below.

The webinar can be reviewed here (YouTube):

The webinar can be reviewed here (YouKu):



Lennart van der Burg – TNO

Dr. Hong Mei YU – Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics

PV Aravind – Energy and Sustainability Research Institute  Universiteit Groningen

Cun Man ZHANG – Tongji University School of Automotive Studies

Dr. Matteo Gazzani – Utrecht University

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