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#1 Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) – introduction from CN and NL

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The world is fighting two pandemics at the same time – COVID19 and the silent pandemic of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). AMR occurs when bacteria become resistant to antibiotics, making their infections harder to treat. In Europe, approximately 25.000 people die every year because of drug resistant infections. It is estimated that AMR will kill an extra 10 million people globally by 2050. In this episode we …

WEBINAR: Construction Waste & Green Building

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Most recycled concrete ends up in road base in the Netherlands, using regular crushing. However, through innovations at companies, universities and in joint European research projects, advanced technologies are now becoming available. There are many showcases of fully recycled concrete being used in new buildings. In this webinar we spoke with several researchers and Dutch companies and the webinar can …