Presentations of the companies

ME-AT by Milos van Moorsel, 推销经理

Protifarm by Pablo Pena, 商业发展经理

Anulife by Kyla Hagedorn, 创办人

Mosa Meat by Tim de Rijdt, CBO (not yet available)

Healthy Proteins by Arnauld van Hees, CEO (no PPT used)

Deep Branch by Ahmed El-Kadars, BD&合作伙伴部门经理

Barentz by Marc Duchene

Unilever by Michel Mellema

Re-watch the webinar (mainland China viewers only):


01: 40 Zhen Liu, Wageningen University

07:05 Milos van Moorsel, ME-AT

15:18 Pablo Pena, Protifarm

23:55 Kyla Hagedorn, Anulife

30:27 Tim de Rijdt, Mosa Meat

36:07 Arnauld van Hees, Healthy Proteins

43:50 Ahmed El-Kadars, Deep Branch

51:32 Marc Duchene, Barentz

01: 00: 10 Michel Mellema, Unilever

01:05:45 Q&A