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2020年7月8日 16:00-17:30 (中国时间)
July 8, 2020
10:00-11:30 (Dutch time)

Episode 5, Local initiatives & opportunities: GBA and YRD region
第五期 地区倡议和机遇:大湾区和长三角地区

With both China and the Netherlands looking at alternative and greener ways for energy storage, applications and production, both countries are more and more focusing on hydrogen as a solution to the current energy problems. What is hydrogen, what policies do China and the Netherlands have, what are the major projects from the private sector and what’s the focus of the main research institutes and universities. In this series of 5 webinars we try to address these issues and give an in-depth analysis into the hydrogen sector from several angles with expert speakers from China and the Netherlands.

In this fifth and final episode we’ll introduce in-depth China’s major hydrogen projects and address the local opportunities and initiatives. Our co-organizer, UNDP, will be speaking again to give a general introduction, plus several Chinese cities with a more detailed introduction of their current policies and projects.



Event Rundown




Welcome & Introduction by Chairman, Fons Klein Tuente, Officer for Innovation, Technology and Science at the Consulate General of the Netherlands in Guangzhou


A Key Piece of the Decarbonization Package in China: a Hydrogen Economy in the Making, by Wanyi Wang, Programme Manager for the Hydrogen Economy Portfolio, UNDP


Developing Fuel Cell Vehicles for Curbing Carbon Emissions, by Dan Yu, Deputy Director, GEF-UNDP-MoST FCV Project Management Office & Project Director, China Automotive Technology and Research Center Co., Ltd.
全球环境基金/联合国开发计划署/科技部燃料电池汽车项目管理办公室副主任 & 中国汽车技术研究中心北京卡达克科技中心有限公司项目总监于丹: 发展氢燃料电池汽车 实现零碳排放


Foshan Initiative and Governmental Supportive Policies, by Ji Shi Zhao, Director of Foshan Environment and Energy Knowledge Institute


Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicle Innovative Development Situation in Yangtze River Delta, by Wenquan Miao, Deputy Director, Shanghai Partnership of FCV


Company Practice and Cooperative Intention, by Min YU, Executive Vice General Manager, SinoHytec


Interactive Discussion


Closing Speech by Michiel Bierkens, Consul General at the Consulate General of the Netherlands in Guangzhou

About the Moderator

Fons Klein Tuente
Officer for Innovation, Technology and Science at the Netherlands Innovation Network at the Consulate-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Guangzhou

Fons Klein Tuente studied Chinese & business for 4 years in Maastricht and 2 years translation Chinese / English / Dutch in Antwerp. From 2012 to 2016, he worked for the Chinese e-commerce company LightInTheBox in Beijing where he was responsible for the Dutch business development and team leader of the freelance team (translators, customer service, social media and designers). Fons then moved to South China to work for the Foshan government (a city next to Guangzhou) from 2016 to 2019. He was the team leader of the international investment promotion team and who tried to get international investments and projects to the city. His ever-present interest in science & technology drove him to the function of innovation officer in the Dutch consulate of Guangzhou in the team of Taake manning since September 2019. Fons focuses on several sectors, including hydrogen, blockchain and smart manufacturing.

丁晓枫曾于荷兰马斯特里赫特学习中文及商科(4年),并于比利时安特卫普研习中文/英语/荷兰语翻译(2年)。 2012-2016年,于北京供职于中国电商企业兰亭集序,负责荷兰业务开发以及自由职业团队管理(翻译、客服、社交媒体、设计)。随后,丁晓枫移居华南。2016-2019年,就职于佛山市政府部门。带领佛山市投资促进中心国际投资推广部团队,开展佛山外商投资吸引及项目引进工作。 凭借对科技领域长期浓厚的兴趣,丁晓枫于2019年9月加入荷兰科技创新参赞万宁先生的团队,担任荷兰驻广州总领事馆科技创新官员一职,关注领域包括氢能源、区块链和智能制造。

About the Speakers

Wanyi Wang
Programme Manager for the Hydrogen Economy Portfolio, United Nations Development Programme in China

As the Programme Manager at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in China, Ms Wang Wanyi is responsible for the developing and implementation of projects in areas of decarbonisation, hydrogen and fuel cell commercialisation, renewable energy, and resilience building. She is also responsible for UNDP’s liaison with China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development.

On hydrogen and fuel cell economy, she is currently managing the “Commercialisation of Fuel Cell Vehicle Development Demonstration in China” project and the “Rugao Hydrogen Economy Pilot” project, spreading across 8 cities in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the Great Bay Area, and the Yangtze River Delta, which are the 3 spearheading industrial clusters in China.

Ms Wang is skilled in development programming using participatory approach, managing technical assistance, project management, partnership building, resource mobilisation, coordination, as well as communications and advocacy.

Prior to her assignment with the Country Office, she completed her assignment as a National Specialist through the United Nations Volunteer for UNDP in Guangxi, China. She has also worked for the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Geneva, Switzerland, and has experience on areas including refugee social integration, women empowerment, journalism and communications in the United Kingdom and in China.

Ms Wang holds a Master of Science in International Development from the University of Manchester, and two bachelor’s Degrees in Business Studies and Financial Management.





Dan Yu
Deputy Director, GEF-UNDP-MoST FCV Project Management Office & Project Director, China Automotive Technology and Research Center Co., Ltd.
于丹,全球环境基金/联合国开发计划署/科技部燃料电池汽车项目管理办公室副主任 & 中国汽车技术研究中心北京卡达克科技中心有限公司项目总监

Dan Yu is currently the Project Director of Beijing CATARC Technology Co. Ltd, China Automotive Technology and Research Center. She has more than ten years of working experience in hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and she is actively involved in the implementation of the three projects demonstrating and commercializing FCVs in China, in close collaboration with the Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) and UNDP, and with funding from the Global Environment Facility (GEF). She has long been engaged in developing studies of FCVs demonstration, hydrogen industry development and relevant policies & strategies. At the same time, she also took part in the research projects on fuel cells entrusted by national government, international organizations and enterprises.


Jishi Zhao
Director of Foshan Environment and Energy Knowledge Institute

Dr. Jishi Zhao is the Director of Foshan Institute of Environment and Energy, the Director of the R&D Center of Hydrogen Energy Standardization and the Associate Research Fellow, Foshan University. Dr. Zhao graduated from Tsing Hua University in January 2019 with an academic background in chemical engineering and technology. His current research interest focuses on hydrogen technology development and promotion. He has been leading 23 key research projects, published 26 papers (12 on SCI-indexed journals, 3 on international conferences, and 11 on Chinese core journals) and 6 monographs, and been granted 7 patents. He was recruited under the “Sailing Project” of Guangdong Province in 2018 as urgently needed outstanding talent.

赵吉诗,工学博士,2009年1月毕业于清华大学化学工程与技术专业,现任佛山环境与能源研究院院长、云浮(佛山)氢能标准化创新研发中心主任、佛山科学技术学院副研究员,主要研究方向为氢能技术开发与推广,主持的主要科研项目23项,发表学术论文26篇(SCI 12篇,国际会议3篇,中文核心期刊11篇),专著6部,授权专利7项,2018年入选广东省“扬帆计划”引进紧缺拔尖人才。

MIAO Wenquan
Vice Chairman, Shanghai Partnership of FCV

Dr. Miu, a professor-level senior engineer, is the responsible person of Shanghai Intelligent New Energy Vehicle Innovation Platform and expert of automobile defect investigation and assessment of SAMR Defective Product Administrative Center. He also serves as the Secretary General of Shanghai Association for New Energy Vehicle and Application Standardization as well as the team leader of the TC11 Electric Vehicle Group of Technical Committee of Automobile and Parts, Certification and Accreditation Administration.

缪文泉,教授级高级工程师,上海燃料电池汽车商业化促进中心副理事长,上海智能新能源汽车科创功能平台负责人,国家质检总局缺陷产品管理中心汽车缺陷调查与鉴定专家,上海市新能源汽车及应用标准化技术委员会秘书长、国家认监委汽车及零部件技术委员会TC11 电动车工作组组长。

Min Yu
Executive Vice General Manager, SinoHytec

Min Yu is the Executive Deputy General Manager of SinoHytec, and the Council Member of the International Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association and China Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Alliance. Yu has over 20 years of experience in corporate management and marketing in the automobile industry. He’s been dedicated himself to the R&D and upscaling of hydrogen fuel cells since 2015.

He’s been involved as a leading or managerial role in 19 key projects related to hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and as coordinator and participant in 6 key breakthrough technology research projects in hydrogen fuel cell at both the Beijing municipal level and the national level, making great contributions to the solutions for fuel cell engine systems, key components and whole vehicle operation.

He also participated in the “Key Technology and Application of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus” and won the first prize of “China Automobile Industrial Sci-Tech Achievements” in 2019. Yu is also active in formulating industrial planning and standards together with the municipal and national authorities to strengthen the research-industry collaboration, promote the demonstration application of hydrogen and fuel cells, and facilitate the commercialization of fuel cell vehicles.


Michiel Bierkens
Consul General at the Consulate General of the Netherlands in Guangzhou

Michiel Bierkens is the Consul General at the Consulate General of the Netherlands in Guangzhou. He took up his appointment as HM Consul General on 19 August 2019. He leads the Dutch Government's engagement in the four provinces of the South China region: Guangdong, Fujian, Guangxi and Hainan. Prior to that, Mr Bierkens was the Counsellor of Economic and Commercial Affairs at the Embassy of the Netherlands in New Delhi from 2014 to 2019.

Mr Bierkens joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1989. He worked in Vienna, Buenos Aires, the Western Hemisphere Department in The Hague and Colombo until 1998. From 1998 to 2002, he worked as the First Secretary at the Permanent Mission of the Netherlands to the United Nations in Vienna. He was the Policy Coordinator of the Western Balkans Department in The Hague from 2002 to 2006. Afterwards, he worked at the Embassy of the Netherlands in Accra as the Deputy Head of Mission from 2006 to 2010. He worked as the Head of West-Africa and Horn of Africa Division at the Sub-Sahara Africa Department from 2010, before moving to Delhi in 2014.



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