King visits hydrogen cluster in Arnhem

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Earlier this month on November 16, His Majesty the King paid a working visit to the hydrogen cluster at the Industrial Park Kleefse Waard (IPKW) in Arnhem. During the visit, the hydrogen manufacturing industry was the main focus. Hydrogen technologies contribute to the realisation of the climate ambitions and energy independence, but also to the realisation of green employment on …

Scientist interviews – 50 Years Sino-Dutch Diplomatic Relations

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This year marks the 50 years of diplomatic relations between China and the Netherlands on Ambassadorial level, to celebrate the Netherlands Innovation Network in China organises a series of interviews with leading scientists who had a major contribution to Sino-Dutch Scientific collaboration You can find all the interviews with the leading scientists here.

#13 China – Afke Schaart: Gender Equality and Global Impact at Huawei

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Welcome to the 13th episode of Innovation Matters, a podcast organized by the Netherlands Innovation Network. In this episode we’ll talk to Afke Schaart. This podcast episode is broadcasted from Shanghai, China. Afke Schaart is the Senior Vice President and Head of Global Impact at the headquarters of Huawei in Shenzhen and the most senior foreign national currently working at …

#12 Researching Stem Cells and Women in Science

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My guest today is Professor Gu Ying, she works at BGI in Shenzhen, China. She is Deputy Director at BGI-Research, China. She has a background in Oncology and Biotechnology and a PhD in Molecular and Developmental Biology.  In the second half of our episode, we have an open conversation about the position of women in academia in China, the opportunities …

Opportunities in China for Dutch Biopharmaceuticals

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Rationale The Netherlands provides a supportive innovation policy and a dynamic eco-system for companies and research institutions. Companies, research institutes and science parks work closely together to provide innovative solutions in biopharmaceutical value chains. With its focus on efficient, sustainable, and clean production, the Dutch biopharma sector is an essential partner for China. In the search for solutions the Netherlands …

Chinese Ministry of Transportation heavily commits to NEV

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On November 18, 2021, the Ministry of Transportation released the “14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Comprehensive Transport Services” The Plan states to actively promote the application of new/clean energy vehicles and vessels in transport services (NEV’s). It will also increase policy support for operation, access, parking and charging of NEV’s. The Ministry wants to accelerate the construction of …

China Huadian launches its first full-value-chain green hydrogen equipment

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China Huadian launched a renewable power-to-gas and large-scale hydrogen storage project that marks the first-of-this-kind in China. The project covers a big part of the hydrogen infrastructure by focusing on water electrolysis hydrogen production, solid state hydrogen storage, liquid state hydrogen storage and fuel cells. The project will utilize hydropower from Huadian’s Luding hydropower dam. Last week the project completed …

HONGKONG: main power company plans to mix gas-fired units with Hydrogen in the coming years

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CLP Power Hong Kong provides electricity to more than 80% of Hong Kong’s population. Currently, their newly built new gas-fired generation unit is in operation and can provide electricity to 900,000 families – about one-sixth of CLP clients – and reduce carbon emissions by one million metric tonnes a year. The new unit has raised the ratio of natural gas in …

BEIJING, Tianjin: Hydrogen Metallurgy Test Base

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Tianjin is to build China’s first national hydrogen metallurgy test base. The Municipal government of Tianjin last week announced a plan to support hydrogen industry development in the city. The plan aims at building a hydrogen transportation demonstration base, with hydrogen refueling station FCV heavy-duty trucks in operation. A unique idea of the plan is to develop China’s first national hydrogen metallurgy …

SHANGHAI, Lingang: H2 Car Industry Development Plan 2025

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On 28th October, Lingang New Area (the south of Shanghai) Announced its Hydrogen-powered Car Industry Development Plan 2021-2025. The plan is supported by several ministries and commissions, among them the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. According to this plan, by 2025, Lingang’s hydrogen-powered car industry shall be worth at least 20 billion RMB (2.7 billion …