Chemical industry in China: Rapidly developing and innovating

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As in other industries, the chemical sector is rapidly digitizing. By becoming more and more advanced and through process optimization, the utilization of resources within the industry improves. This transition is leading towards cleaner and safer operations.

However, these developments are not only taking place in the Netherlands or Europe. Nicolaas Viets, CEO of SoliQz, mentions that the Chinese market is rapidly developing, with plenty of opportunities for Dutch companies. “More than 40% of the capacity expansions in the chemical industry will take place in China during the coming years. To realize these capacity expansions, innovative chemical processes and equipment will be required. The Netherlands can deliver technologies that will make the chemical industry even more effective and sustainable.”

Bright future for further Sino-Dutch cooperation

During CSITF, the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park (SCIP), in collaboration with the Holland Innovation Network, facilitates a discussion between Chinese and Dutch experts. Possibilities for future developments in the fields of Chemical Efficiency, Circular Economy and Waste Stream Management within China between Dutch organizations and SCIP as a pioneer in the Shanghai/Jiangsu region will be explored.

Because SCIP fosters a niche that focuses on circular economy and environmental issues, the park and its members are attractive potential cooperation partners for Dutch/European companies looking to do business in China. Mr. Viets also emphasizes that, “fairs like CSITF offer great platforms for the exchange of information between Dutch and Chinese companies.”

In his view, the future for the chemical industry is looking very bright. “China has developed very efficient ways to realize capacity expansions in a short period of time. The Chinese market for chemical production will grow substantially in the coming 5-10 years in order to bring the installed capacity for chemical products in line with the demand.”

Site visit and seminar

The visit to SCIP will create new possibilities for broadening networks, sharing knowledge and sparking partnerships that contribute to a changing future. SCIP’s main objective is to shape and explore investment opportunities. This took place on April 19, from 12:00 until 16:00. A report will follow soon.

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