Dutch Eurosider China secures large technology order with First Automotive Works

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FAW Group Corporation and the Dutch company Eurosider (Tianjin) Coating Technology Co., Ltd. have agreed on a long term-collaboration. The collaboration involves the upgrading of FAW’s production plants with efficient and environmental coating technologies. The upgraded production lines are expected to be fully operational in 2018 prior to Chinese New Year. The upgrading program involves amongst other the application of Nitrotherm equipment, a unique application with Globally Patented that applies which applies conditioned nitrogen as the carrier for spray-coating operations. This application not only leads to substantial savings in paint and time, but also improves quality, reduces harmful VOC’s emissions and enhances overall operating stability.

The first step involves the purchase of 18 Nitrotherm units for FAW’s truck production plants. The signing of the contract was carried out by FAW representatives and Eurosider China’s board director Albert van Lawick van Pabst in the presence of Eurosider China’s General Manager Hao Haibo and several representatives from FAW’s technology purchase departments. For FAW the decision to work with Eurosider China is part of its commitment to continuous green innovation, ongoing streamlining of its production efficiency and quality improvements. The company aims to spread the efficiency improvements achieved with Nitrotherm to other FAW-operations such as car-manufacturing. For Eurosider China – says General Manager Hao Haibo – the contract with FAW represents the next step of its aim to become the leading efficient spray painting solution provider to China’s booming automotive and vehicle sector. Eurosider is already serving leading brands all over China in the segments car manufacturing, interior & exterior car component suppliers, bumper molding companies, car-lighting makers, composite manufacturers, & consumer electronics.

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