Sino-Dutch Chemistry & Materials Seminar

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On monday 24th of September a seminar with the topic on “The role of chemistry for future, advanced materials science” has taken place in Shanghai. H.E. Mr. Chris Buijink, Vice Minister Economic affairs, Agriculture and Innovation (EL&I), officially opened the seminar.
Participation in the seminar came from representatives from government, chemistry & materials companies and research institutes. In total there were 75 participants.

Purpose of the seminar was to strengthen the Sino-Dutch R&D cooperation in the field of chemistry and materials.

Chemistry has always been an indispensable contributor to materials science. Materials are synthesized from chemical precursors and assembled using processes requiring chemical transformations. The Dutch Top Sector Chemistry, Dutch companies active in China and Sino-Dutch R&D projects cover the whole chain from fundamental, chemical research to advanced material application. The seminar was a platform where new policies, developments and innovations were shared and success stories of Sino-Dutch collaboration were shown. Also developments towards a bio-based economy and its influence on for the chemical & materials sector were discussed.

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