Biomass ambitions of Jingjiang City

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On July 7, 2015, the Netherlands Office for Science and Technology (NOST), together with ECN (the Energy Research Center of the Netherlands) visited the city of Jingjiang. Jingjiang is located a 2,5 hours drive from Shanghai and is besides the largest private shipbuilding base interested in various applications in the field of renewable energy.

Jingjiang is a city of 665km2, with a large private shipbuilding base and a deep-water port. It is located in the Yangtze delta and active in the car, ships, machinery and energy industry.

On March 24, 2015, the government of Jingjiang, Jiangsu Antai New Energy Technology (JAE), Dalhman Renewable Technologies (DRT) and ECN signed a MoU for strategic cooperation, in presence of Prime Minister Mr. Rutte. First goal is to establish a biomass gasification plant based on ECN’s proprietary Milena technology for the efficient conversion of biomass, particularly straw, into power and/or a substitute for natural gas. ECN and Royal Dalhman developed this high technology for clean energy solutions together, where solid biomass or waste is converted into gaseous components. A biomass plant from this size is the first to be established in Jingjiang and is in line with the promotion of sustainable city developments and the stimulation of green energy use.

During a Strategic Cooperation Conference on July 7, various ambitions and suggestions for further cooperation with ECN were discussed. Jingjiang elaborated that they are very much interested in the technology transfer of ECN to various enterprises in the city of Jingjiang. Starting point is the biomass gasification plant, followed by opportunities in the field of solar and wind energy. Secondly, ECN could partner in setting up a collaboration platform for the development of renewable energy technology in the region, to further develop the biomass to energy solutions in the region. Part of this platform should lead towards a joint research center on new materials related to clean air, as well as clean water technologies. Last, on the agenda of Jingjiang City is the goal to establish a new energy industrial park. Biomass, wind and solar energy will be the focus areas of this industrial park.

Apart from Jingjiang, other cities in Jiangsu Province in China are also active in the biomass power industry. Presently, there are altogether 41 biomass power generation projects completed or under planning and construction. There is a lot of potential, and collaboration with Dutch partners will likely focus on pilot projects and industrial design for the biomass power industry in Jiangsu.

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