Energizing Cleveringa Lecture in Beijing

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Leiden University Professor Gert Jan Kramer gave a Cleveringa lecture to around 30 alumni from Leiden and other Dutch universities currently living and working in Beijing on 28 November. The inspiring talk was titled “The Energy Transition: the Netherlands, China, and the World”.

Prof. Kramer briefly reviewed the history of energy and introduced the Shell Scenarios, the Greenpeace Energy (R)evolution and WWF Scenarios towards today’s energy challenge. He then took the cases of China to interact with the audience on whether China would be laggard or world energy leader in the future. In the end, Prof. Kramer also shared his opinion on the Dutch challenge to change its energy system.

Professor Gert Jan Kramer is Professor of Sustainable Energy at the Institute of Environmental Sciences of Leiden University and also Manager for Future Energies at Shell Projects and Technologies.

This lecture was held at the Netherlands Embassy in Beijing. It is one of the series of annual Cleveringa lectures in the Netherlands and abroad in remembrance of the famous lecture held by Leiden University Professor Rudolph Cleveringa on 26 November 1940 w protest against the dismissal of Jewish colleagues during the Second World War.

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