Full charge ahead: Innovation mission on batteries

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The Netherlands is keen to become a major player in the next generation of batteries. In line with this, the Netherlands Innovation Network China and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), with strong and close collaboration of the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) organised an innovation mission to China focused on batteries. This fact-finding mission aimed to explore China’s current activities in battery development and innovation, the global leader in this field, and to develop strategies for future collaboration.

The mission started at the residence of Efstathios Andreou, the Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Guangzhou, who hosted a welcoming dinner for the delegation members.

In his welcoming speech, Efstathios Andreou greeted the delegates warmly, emphasising the significance of their visit to South China, where the Consulate General of the Netherlands in Guangzhou is located. Following a brief round of introductions, our colleague Jason Jin, who was mainly in charge of the mission programme, delivered an in-depth presentation on the battery sector in China and provided a detailed overview of the delegation’s agenda for the week.

After the successful kick-off in Guangzhou, the delegation experienced a productive two-day program in Huizhou and Shenzhen. The schedule began with a visit to EVE Energy Co.,Ltd. on Monday morning and continued with JANA Energy in the afternoon.

EVE Energy Co.,Ltd. is a globally recognised leader in the lithium battery industry with various production bases and a strong focus on research and development. The company has made significant strides in the development and manufacturing of lithium batteries, offering a wide range of products including consumer electronics, electric vehicles, and energy storage solutions.

Jana Energy is a Chinese company specialising in sodium-ion battery materials and systems. The company is dedicated to developing and manufacturing safe, durable, and cost-effective sodium-ion batteries and materials.

In the evening, a networking and matchmaking dinner was organised with the support of the NBSO China in Shenzhen, featuring key stakeholders of the battery sector in Shenzhen. Having fully recharged (pun intended), on Tuesday, the group visited Sunwoda Energy in the morning and GEM in the afternoon.

Sunwoda is recognised as a top player in the global new energy sector, positioned among the top 500 new energy enterprises worldwide. It is also one of China’s top 100 battery companies, with a significant workforce and a wide-reaching impact across more than 100 countries.

GEM is a prominent leader in the recycling industry, particularly noted for its significant role in battery recycling. Established in 2001, GEM has developed into the world’s largest recycler of batteries, playing a crucial role in the supply chains of essential battery materials such as, nickel, cobalt, and lithium.

On Tuesday evening, the delegation left Shenzhen to head to the Shanghai region to advance their fact-finding mission.

On Wednesday, within the Shanghai region, the delegation paid a visit to Lead Intelligent Equipment who stands out as a leader in new energy equipment, serving as the largest provider of Li-ion battery intelligent production lines and the premier non-standard equipment manufacturer.

Following a courteous lunch hosted by Durapower Holdings Pte Ltd, the delegation explored their manufacturing and R&D facilities. Durapower is committed to innovation and human capital development, endeavoring to engineer sustainable clean energy solutions for their clientele. Their robust market engagement and R&D efforts ensure their adaptability to embrace next-generation technologies, thus maintaining their relevance in the market.

In the evening, the delegation was graciously hosted by Consul-General Marjo Crompvoets at the residence for a VIP dinner. This event facilitated networking opportunities with additional established Chinese battery companies, providing insights into their operational practices in China. Among the attendees were representatives from CIAPS, offering a comprehensive overview of the Chinese energy industry.

With the help of our NBSO China in Nanjing, the final day commenced with a visit to the CALB Group Co., Ltd. headquarters. CALB endeavours to provide comprehensive product solutions for energy operation systems and full life-cycle management for the energy application market. After a lunch hosted by the Jintan Government, the delegation had the opportunity to visit the SVOLT Energy Technology (Europe) GmbH headquarters. SVOLT specialises in the development and manufacturing of vehicle batteries and energy storage solutions, driven by their mission to propagate ‘Green Energy Everywhere.’

During the wrap-up dinner, reflections on the overall fact-finding mission were shared. Discussions encompassed pre-mission expectations versus the actual experiences in China, as well as avenues for further exploration of cooperative opportunities in the future.

Innovation missions, an instrument of the RVO, aim to foster innovation-driven engagements, in contrast to the more widely known trade and economic missions. This is the first innovation mission to China since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and is one of two such missions assigned to and scheduled for China this year.

The second innovation mission to China will be aimed at exploring knowledge and cooperation opportunities with Chinese partners in the fields of biobased materials, plastics recycling and CCU. The mission will take place from September 9 to 13, 2024 and if you are interested in participating, please register by June 15 using the online registration form.

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