CSITF seminar: Advanced Materials Functionality and High Precision Engineering

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On the first day of the CSITF on the 20th of April, the Seminar on Advanced Materials Functionality and High Precision Engineering took place  . The Consulate-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Shanghai Additive Manufacturing Association jointly organized this Sino-Dutch seminar. Shepinid was the co-organiser of this event.

The Netherlands has a strong knowledge base in Advanced Materials, as well as strong precision engineering skills. China, in recent years, is investing deeply in this sector too, and China’s potential is materialized in the success of for instance Huawei, which has become a global ICT provider and developer. The seminar brought together the Dutch and Chinese community with interest to learn about the possibilities for joint research and development, discuss expertise in both countries and sharing views on developments in the field.

Shanghai Additive Manufacturing Association

Shanghai Additive Manufacturing Association is the industry organisation approved by the National Ministry of Civil Affairs and founded in April 2015. It is supported by government and companies in the additive manufacturing industry, which is also called the 3D printing industry. There are more than 300 institutional members within the association now. The main mission of this association is to foster the communication and negotiation between the member companies, by organizing the training, consulting, exhibition and conference events. This association actively connects the companies within the industrial supply chain and integrates the R&D resources among all the industrial stakeholders. The vast majority of SAMA’s members is Chinese, but SAMA welcomes foreign companies that are facilities in China to join as well.


Mr. Jan Reint Smit, International Research and Innovation Collaboration manager of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency moderated the seminar. The seminar started with his opening remarks and Mr. Zeng Xiaolian from the Shanghai Additive Manufacturing Association. Afterwards, experts and entrepreneurs from China and the Netherlands shared their views on this topic.

Jeroen Jonkers and Bas Kreukniet from NTS started with their view on “3D printing solutions in high precision engineering of advanced materials”. The NTS-Group develops, manufactures and optimises opto-mechatronic systems, modules and components for international machine builders (OEMs). Liu Daigang from CAEP-LITUO continued. CAEP-LITUO is a professional manufacturer of metal powders, amorphous powders and super-fine metal powders and related set of gas atomized metal powder and pneumatic grinding powder equipment.  Gerrit Oosterhuis from VDL ETG explained about advanced thermal control in high-end equipment. VDL ETG operates from Suzhou and operates in the business of system integration of mechatronic (sub)systems and modules for OEMs in the high-tech capital equipment industry.

Zou Bo from Shanghai UnionTech presented his company’s achievements in the application of materials manufacturing in Chinas as well as their global market achievements. UnionTech is a professional provider of stereolithography technology. Charlie Hu from Triple 3D discussed design co-creation with new materials and 3D Sview. Triple 3D is a platform that connects freelance 3D designers with growing manufacturers in order to make an on-demand platform for companies and organizations which are looking for high-quality design works.

3D printing can be used for many different occasions. Li Jing from 3DPRO (Shanghai) Technology presented 3D printing can be used in advanced car manufacturing. 3DPRO is a professional supplier of 3D application solutions, focusing on biomedicine, cultural creativity, innovative education, advanced manufacturing. Maarten Langendonk from Keytec, a supplier that manufactures in media and high volumes metal and plastic components, explained us more about Keytec and their way of industrializing common sense solutions with high-tech engineering.

The last speaker of the seminar was Yorick Kouwmans of Promolding. Promolding translates high-performance polymer technology to industrialised products. For example space innovative catering equipment, flexible floor products and fiber-optic sensors. During his presentation, Yorick showed us how Promolding developed fibre optic hydrophones and accelerometers for monitoring machines, finding new oilfields, controlling the pressure in large oil tankers and health monitoring of all kind of mechanical structures.

After the seminar, all participants gathered at the Holland Innovation Pavillion for a network reception, where experts, scholars and others had the opportunity to exchange ideas and broaden their network.

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