First green hydrogen Power-to-Ammonia has been launched

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Liao Quo, general manager of China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC), announced at the China-Arabic Energy Cooperation Summit Forum that a subsidiary of CMEC will develop the first ammonia production project based on green hydrogen. Products of the project (“Green ammonia”) would be exported to the international market.

“Safe and convenient storage and transportation makes ammonia very suitable for the development of hydrogen-based industries,” said Liao Quo, adding that the development has been more mature ports and routes provide a good logistical basis for the trade of green ammonia, which also makes ammonia as an energy carrier for large-scale production, storage and transportation a future development direction.

Currently, the development of relatively mature ports and routes provides a good logistics basis for the trade of green ammonia, the GM said. Due to the development potential of green ammonia as a fuel and chemical raw material, green ammonia projects are currently being actively developed at home and abroad, most of which are small-scale pilot projects, with an estimated production capacity of 20,000 to 60,000 tons/year. Most projects are located in Australia.

Source: energyiceberg and chuneng.bjx

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