FOSHAN sets financial incentives for fuel cell trucks

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The municipal government of the Foshan City of Guangdong Province recently issued a new policy to support the operation of fuel cell freight vehicles (FCFVs) in urban distribution (feedback invitation draft). The policy set financial incentives as follow:

  • The maximum annual subsidy for fuel cell trucks is ¥125,000/vehicle.
  • Subsidies for light-duty FCFVs (total mass less than 4.5 tons), medium-sized FCFVs (total mass 4.5 tons and above, less than 12 tons), heavy-duty FCFVs (total mass 12 tons and above), and hydrogen fuel cell refrigerated truck are set to ¥1.5/km, ¥2.0/km, ¥2.5/km, and ¥2.3/km, respectively.

Source: Energy Iceberg and


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