Week 17: News Overview

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China strives to secure a position as a global powerhouse in high-tech industries and is advancing at a fast pace. Chinese industries are not only getting closer to the technological frontier in conventional areas such as electronics, machinery, automobiles, high-speed railways and aviation, but also driving technological innovations in emerging areas such as new and renewable energy, advanced nuclear energy, next generation telecommunication technologies, big data and supercomputers, A.I., robotics, space technology, and e-commerce. In order to keep track on the many developments, we curate the most important or remarkable news articles on a weekly basis for you to stay up to date!

China’s Chip Imports Hit New High in March Amid Stockpiling Frenzy
China’s chip imports reached a record high last month as manufacturers rushed to stock up on the core components used in electronic devices to ensure supplies amid geopolitical tensions and the ongoing supply chain disruption caused by the pandemic.

Tsinghua opens ‘chip college’, targets bottleneck technologies urgently needed by China
Tsinghua University, one of China’s top universities, established the School of Integrated Circuits on Thursday, the nation’s first, to target research and the training of technicians in semiconductors. The school aims to help the country resolve the so-called “bottlenecks” that the US is restricting high-tech products to China.

TSMC founder Morris Chang says China’s semiconductor industry still five years behind despite decades of subsidies
In a rare public appearance since retiring nearly three years ago, Morris Chang, the 89-year-old founder of the world’s largest contract chip maker, said China is not yet a competitor in chipmaking and that Taiwan should defend its leadership in semiconductor manufacturing.

Chinese team makes breakthrough in brain-computer interface for intractable epilepsy control
A Chinese research team has made an important breakthrough on the application of brain computer interface (BCI) after the country’s first closed-loop neurostimulator has proved effective for epilepsy control in clinical applications.

Chinese regulators issue draft rules on privacy protection for app users
A number of China’s top regulators published draft guidelines on Monday dictating how apps must protect the privacy and personal information of users. The rules, drafted under the guidance of the Cyberspace Administration of China along with its Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the State Administration of Market Regulation, come as China’s tech giants face an ongoing wave of scrutiny from policymakers.

Chinese scientists’ crystal ball foretells future of hack-proof data
A research team in China have trapped light in a piece of crystal for an hour, a breakthrough in information technology that could have important applications such as transporting sensitive data in hack-proof form.

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