Intelligent Logistics Seminar boosts collaboration between Dutch and Chinese logistics parties

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The earlier announced seminar on intelligent logistics held by NOST and Shanghai International Shipping Institute has successfully stimulated collaboration between the Dutch and Chinese logistic sector. Guests included corporate, government and knowledge institutes from both China and The Netherlands. The high number of interested parties for this specific field reflected the demand for a seminar which combines innovative applications in the logistic sector with networking opportunities.

Opening address by Consul General Mr. Peter Potman

Presentations during this event provided insight in a new decade of high innovative logistics management and covered items such as RFID applications, information platforms, smarter supply chain management, visibility improvement and integrated data pipelines. The possibility for universal standards in technology and information sharing was a much discussed topic during the seminar which further emphasized the importance of collaboration in intelligent logistics. With this seminar the stage has been set for future partnerships and internationalization of standards.

Click here for a short video impression of this event.

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