150 tomato genome resequenced

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As a sequel of the earlier reported 100 tomato sequencing projected, a new sino-dutch collaboration project aiming to sequence 150 tomato varieties has been started. An international consortium, led by Wageningen UR, with partners from industry, government and science, have started to sequence the DNA of 150 tomato plants. From the Chinese side, BGI Shenzhen will provide Next Generation Sequencing and bioinformatics expertise. The aim of this so-called 150 Tomato Genome Sequencing project is to reveal and explore the genetic diversity available in tomato. The project will unlock important traits that are lost during domestication of the ancestors, for example resistance against pathogens, taste and health improving compounds. The project will thus help to make food production more sustainable. It will also help to reduce the time needed to develop new tomato lines.








You can read more about this project by following this link.

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