China brings supercomputer to Zimbabwe

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Since last Friday, Zimbabwe is one of the few African countries equipped with a supercomputer. A Chinese-built supercomputer with processing capacity of 36 trillion calculations per second was provided by China’s leading personal computer and server manufacturer Inspur Group.

Huang Gang, deputy president of Inspur Group, said the supercomputer is expected to be used in agriculture, weather forecast, mining, gene technology, and stimulation. Zimbabwe can now process big data, for example to predict weather changes with unprecedented precision. The same technology can also help miners pinpoint sites that hold oil and other key mineral resources.

The Zimbabwe Supercomputer Center, located within the University of Zimbabwe, is provided with the supercomputer by a 5.5 million U.S. dollars interest-free loan committed by the Chinese government. Till now, Inspur Group has helped Sudan, Saudia Arabia, Venezuela and Cuba own and operate high performance computing centers.

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