China on their way to become a key Antarctic player

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Antarctica, Earth’s southernmost continent, containing the geographic South Pole is thought to be rich in oil, gas and mineral reserves. Since 1959 the Antarctic Treaty, currently signed by 50 countries, protects this area by prohibiting military activities, mineral mining, nuclear explosions and nuclear waste disposal. Besides, it supports scientific research and protects the ecozone of the continent. Ongoing experiments are conducted by more than 4,000 scientist from many nations, among China.

China’s ambitious research program includes the focus on Climate Science and Antarctic Science. In 2014, China opened its fourth research station and plans to establish a fifth to be completed by 2016. Aside from China, Australia has three permanent research bases and United States, Britain and Russia are among other countries with permanent research bases on the southern continent. The Polar Research Institute of China implements some specific scientific research programs, operates the Antarctic facilities and provides logistics support, as well as managing the Chinese polar science database. The Chinese Arctic and Antarctic Administration (CAA) also calls on universities and research institutes across the country to participate in Chinese National Antarctic Program in various scientific areas.

China in Antarctic

Recently a new tussle for Antarctic exploration has begun and China is stepping up as a most ambitious player. According to Professor Tony Worby from the Antarctic Climate Systems & Cooperative Research Centre, China signaled very clearly that they intend to be a key Antarctic player.

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