China Solid State Lighting kicks off in Guangzhou

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This morning, the 8th edition of the China International Forum on Solid State Lighting (SSL) kicked off in Guangzhou, with an opening address by Cao Jianlin, vice-minister of the Ministry of Science & Technology.

The event also saw the official launch of the Global Student Challenge, organized by the International SSL Alliance (ISA). Philips is one of the sponsors of this challenge, which aims to attract more young talent to SSL research. Piet Derks (see picture: 1st on left), General Manager of Philips Lighting R&D in Shanghai, was there at the launch. Philips will officially join the ISA at an official announcement later on today.

Also Maarten Derksen (see picture: 2nd on left), Deputy Consul-General of the Consulate-General in Guangzhou, participated in the event to show Dutch support for this initiative. Tomorrow Mr. Derksen will address national government officials and ISA members to highlight Holland’s international collaborations in the field of SSL. There are many opportunities ahead, as SSL is becoming a major area of cooperation between China and the Netherlands. April next year, vice-minister Cao is planned to head a delegation to the Netherlands. SSL is one of the topics on the agenda for discussion. During his opening address today, he underlined government efforts to set up international cooperation. A Dutch photonics trade mission to China is also in the works for next year.

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