Delft students win international solid state lighting award

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Consul-General Ms. Anne Luwema and some of the TU Delft students next to their winning entry in the ISA Global Student Contest. ‘Helios’ consists of a total of 9216 LEDs and is described by the students as ‘enormous and awesome’. More about Helios at

Today a team of students from the Delft University Technology has been awarded the first prize in the International SSL (Solid State Lighting) Alliance (ISA) Global Student Contest for their ‘Helios’ 3D LED display. Philips, as a member of the ISA, is the main sponsors of this contest. The Dutch Consul-General in Guangzhou, Anne Luwema handed over the award as part of the opening ceremony of the 9th China International Solid State Lighting Forum. Chinese Vice-Minister Cao of Science & Technology was also present at the ceremony.

Solid state lighting is a key area of technological cooperation between China and The Netherlands (as can be inferred from the number of related posts on this newsfeed). Ms. Luwema made use of the occasion to update the audience on a number of important developments that have taken place, including the SSL summer school held earlier this year in China, as well as the latest milestone: the opening of a new center of the Chinese State Key Laboratory for SSL to be located at the Delft University of Technology. Stay tuned for more information on this center.

The China SSL Forum will wrap up tomorrow, after which the Helios 3D LED cube will travel back to The Netherlands. Read more about Helios on the official Helios website.

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