Dutch Teacher in Beijing Awarded Favorite Foreign Expert Title

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Dutch teacher Padma Bansie received the award for ‘My Favorite Foreign Expert’ from the Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) during the New Year Party for Foreign Experts held on December 26th last year.

In total, 18 foreign experts from six colleges and departments from the prominent foreign studies university were awarded the “My Favorite Foreign Experts” title. Ms. Bansie was one of the awardees who started teaching Dutch language at BFSU since last year.

A selection committee assessed the foreign teachers at BFSU based on recommendations made by students and management from BFSU. The committee members based their decision on different criteria, including teaching skills, personal involvement and commitment, and extracurricular and cultural activities.

The Dutch programme at BFSU currently has enrolled 13 Chinese students who study Dutch language and culture for 4 years leading to a bachelor’s degree. The programme is supported by the Nederlandse Taalunie in The Hague, which is a Dutch authority supporting Dutch language teaching worldwide.

In China there are several universities that offer full-time Dutch language programmes, such as the Communications University of China and Shanghai International Studies University.

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