FOM DIFFER renews collaboration agreements in China

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Last week, the NWO Institute for Fundamental Energy Research (FOM-DIFFER) visited several research partners in China to discuss research collaboration in the field of fusion energy and solar fuels. During the visit to Hefei, FOM DIFFER renewed its cooperation agreement with the CAS Institute of Plasma Physics (ASIPP) and the University of Science and Technology (USTC).
Signing CeremonyThe scientific cooperation between the 3 top institutes will mainly focus on exchanging research information, data, materials/equipments and research and technical staff. The Dutch delegation from DIFFER were very impressed by the scientific facilities and achievements of ASIPP.

ASIPP manages two experimental devices for controlled fusion research: HT-7 and the Experimental Advanced Super-conducting Tokamak (EAST). The latter one is the world’s first non-circle cross-section full superconducting tokamak which has comparable capabilities as ITER the world’s largest tokamak. ASIPP director Prof Li Jianqiang warmly invited European researchers to take part in the next experimental campaign which is scheduled for September this year.

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