Former Google executive now working in China: blown away

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Hugo Barra was well-known as Vice President of Android Product Management. Every year at Google’s biggest conference Barra would show off Android’s latest features. Then last year, Barra quit Google to work for the Chinese company XiaoMi. In December, he gave a talk in Paris at LeWeb about how utterly blown away he has been by China.

In his talk he discusses some interesting statistics and mentions very successful Chinese internet companies like Taobao, WeChat, DIDI, MoMo, JingDong and AliPay. While most foreigners living in China know these companies quite well and are also aware that Taobao is twice the size of eBay and Amazon combined, these Chinese companies are still much less known in the rest of the world. Recent IPO’s in China are even less mentioned in foreign media.


Therefore the compilation of facts and figures presented by Barra in his talk is very interesting for everyone who wants to get up to speed the growing innovative entrepreneurial workforce and spirit in China.

Read more: Business Insider or view the talk on YouTube

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