HAMR Platform launched successfully.

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Yesterday afternoon the first edition of HAMR took place at the Holland High Tech Center in Suzhou.

The Holland Advanced Machinery and Production Rotation (HAMR) is an initiative by NOST Shanghai to connect Dutch companies within this industry. The platform fulfills the need for these firms to connect and share industry know-how. The Advanced Machinery sector is facing various challenges in China, for instance; high turnover rates of personnel, training, talent management and legal issues, dealing with suppliers, establishing a healthy company-infrastructure and business development on the local market. These challenges are mostly dealt with on an individual basis.

The objective of the HAMR platform is for companies to connect and share experiences on these challenges. The platform aims to create an informal atmosphere to ease communication between members. Yesterday started off with two presentations by the Holland High Tech Center and Nanopolis. Afterwards, the Dutch concept of a ‘borrel’ was introduced to the participants which led to lively discussions and new contacts. The hosting of the event will be rotated among members, so everyone gains the opportunity to present their company.


By Annemieke Zuurman

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