Hong Kong to develop into hub for intellectual property trading

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google-glass-patent-2-21-13-02The Hong Kong SAR government co-organized the third edition of BIP Asia Forum for promoting Hong Kong as the region’s IP trading hub on 5-6 December. Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Mr. C Y Leung is committed to develop Hong Kong into the leading IP trading hub in Asia. He says Hong Kong is well positioned to play that role due to the sound legal, financial and physical infrastructure as well as the pool of talent and expertise in IP-matters. Mr. Fred Lam of the Hong Kong Trade and Development Council states that due to Hong Kong’s sterling reputation of world-class business service, it’s the natural venue for IP trade, network and gatherings for the world.

During this two-day event as part of the Business of Design Week (BoDW) many breakout sessions are organized with a variety of IP expert speakers. Speakers from all over the world and from all angles such as the World Intellectual Property Organization, law firms, MNCs, IP trade companies, universities and government. For example sessions about the booming IP exchange platforms that ideally offer on-stop platforms that accelerate the innovation commercialization process. And about the industry-university-government partnerships for technology transfer in China.

More information can be found on the website http://bipasiaforum.com.

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