JD.com’s main business not profitable?

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China’s JD.com (formerly JingDong and 360Buy) prepares for a $1.5B IPO in the US. To this end it had to give a rather interesting insight into its figures in the SEC filing.

Not only is the profit of JD.com rather low, but it mainly comes from interest, government tax rebates and ‘other business’. That other business is not clearly described in the prospectus but industry insiders believe that a large portion comes from supply chain finance business.


This IPO is also interesting because JD.com is the first big Chinese company to hold an IPO in the US since the SEC’s recent ruling banning the Big Four accounting firms from doing work in China.

This ruling was used by many to justify the large and fast drop in the last couple of weeks of Chinese Internet stocks. A more likely explanation is that these stocks have gone through such an enormous run that they were looking for a reason to sell off and they found it in the emerging markets turmoil.

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