Launch of Chang’E-4 With Netherlands China Low-frequency Explorer to the Dark Side of the Moon

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China’s Lunar exploring mission has finally started after two years of preparation. Chang’e-4 has been successfully launched from Xichang Center on May 21st 2018. On board is the Dutch designed and Dutch build Netherlands China Low-frequency Explorer on its way to the earth-moon L2 point. At the moon’s dark side, NCLE will explore the radio sky at very long wavelengths (i.e. at low frequencies below ~30 MHz). This includes the study of radio emission from the Earth, the Sun, the large planets in the solar system and the Milky Way.

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Photo report of the launch:

 Xichang Satellite Launch Center

Chang’e-4 during the final preparation

CCTV interviewing Dr. Marc Klein Wolt

Xichang Center in the night sky before the launch 


Video of the launch: 

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