Nanjing: China’s center for 3D printing industry

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Based on successful production of 3D printers at the Nanjing located company Zijin-Lead Electronics, state government eyes are focused on Nanjing to further develop China’s 3D printing industry.

Made in Nanjing: Solido SD300 Pro 3D Printer

Made in Nanjing: Solido SD300 Pro 3D Printer

During a 3D printing conference on March 24, Nanjing’s Qixia Economic Development Zone was honored ‘China’s first state approved 3D Printing Development Area’. The zone will house China’s first 3D printer technology innovation centre of the Industry Alliance of China 3D printing Technology.

The choice for this geographical area was partly based on the successful 3D printer manufacturing activities of the company Zijin-Lead Electronics. Zijin-Lead is a Nanjing based contractor of the 3D desktop printer ‘Solido’. The Solido was one of the first ‘affordable’ 3D desktop printers launched in 2010. It’s printer technology is based on PVC sheet lamination.

The state approval for further development of the Qixia Zone as center for 3D printing, usually means government incentives, subsidies and preferential circumstances to attract more 3D printing companies and technology from China and abroad.


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