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The chemical industry in China is a fast growing, dynamic industry and plays a significant role within the Chinese economy. With around 25.000 companies, €1000 billion sales and a global market share of more than 30%, China is also a global key player. For NOST the reason to investigate this industry in depth.

Major trends
One of the most relevant trends is the shift from mainly basic chemicals to specialties. This goes hand in hand with increasing R&D investments:
– R&D spending 2006: €2.1 million
– R&D spending 2007: €7.5 million
Besides that the awareness of the impact of chemical production on the environment is growing. This results in more stringent rules, forced relocation of polluting factories (outside urban areas), monitoring of environmental effects (by the government) and the fact that the biobased industry is becoming more important.

Advanced materials
A focus area of China in the field of specialties is advanced materials. Materials are of course the basics for all kind of sectors. Also in the Netherlands the subsector of advanced materials is well-developed and continually innovating. Therefore in China, as well in the Netherlands, there are various important institutions and companies involved in the development and application of advanced materials. To link Chinese and Dutch parties, NOST will organize a seminar on advanced materials on the 11th of February. NOST sees high potential in cooperation and strengthening the link between Chinese and Dutch parties involved.

Advanced materials

Biobased industry
Pollution, and related air and water quality, is currently a hot topic in China. Due to growing awareness on the environmental effects of industrial production, more and more attention is paid to the biobased industry and the potential solutions. As a consequence almost one billion dollar is spend within the biobased industry this year. In other words, the biobased industry in China is booming. As there is a lot of knowledge and expertise available in the Netherlands, Dutch companies, institutes and universities can act on this. Therefore NOST invites the Dutch biobased companies or related knowledge institutions to visit the International Biobased Technology and Partnering Conference in Shanghai. This is an international conference with valuable information on the Chinese biobased industry. Besides that it provides the opportunity to meet with potential partners and clients.

Interested in one of the events? Feel free to contact us on [email protected].

More information on the chemical industry in China? Download our report (Chemical industry in China).

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