Outcome Innovation Seminar oct. 2015

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Innovation Delegation

In the end of October a delegation from the Netherlands visited Shanghai. We believe that the aim of this mission was to open the eyes for new opportunities, open the eyes for innovation. An aim our office highly encourages. On the last day of the missions visit we organized an innovation seminar which highlighted the potential of free of context open innovation. We entailed all participants to connect in an intensive innovation process outside their existing organization.

The participants consisted of a broad mix of people from the Netherlands that traveled with the delegation, start-ups finding their way in China, locals active in the field of innovation as well as corporates and multinationals operating all over the world. A broad interesting mix, which provided us with a lot of new knowledge and insights.

In the end we gathered all different kinds of expectations, thoughts and opinions on the various IncuBaits presented; Tradition, Open Education, City Life, Smart ++ and how to deal with Global Opportunities. Please find the topics discussed in the drawing attached. For more (background) information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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