Science and Visual Arts Exhibition in Northeast China curated by Dutch Professor

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On September 17th, the opening ceremony of “RONG” International Science and Visual Arts Exhibition was held at He’s Art Gallery. The exhibition is organised by the private He University and Qipanshan Bureau of Cultural Industry in Shenyang.

He Gallery

Prof. Wei He, the President of He University, Prof. Bart M. ter Haar Romeny from Eindhoven University of Technology Department of Biomedical Engineering, and scientists, scholars and artists from the art and science fields worldwide attended the opening ceremony. Prof. ter Haar Romeny is the academic advisor of the exhibition and was appointed honorary president of the He University last week.

This is the first visual art and science exhibition in Northeast China, exploring the theme of “art, spirituality, and social pursuit”. The exhibition showcases a wide range of artistic works including paintings, sculptures, photography, (video) installations, interactive digital art, and performing arts. Artists and scientists from the Netherlands, France, Japan, the United States and China were invited to participate in the exhibition.

The first He’s Art Gallery Science and Art Forum was also held during the exhibition. At the forum, Prof. ter Haar Romeny gave a presentation on the relation between vision and art, and lead the discussion on better ways to adopt art in scientific visualisation.

Prof. ter Haar Romeny has been the vice Dean of the Sino-Dutch Biomedical and Information Engineering School (BMIE) in Shenyang since 2006 and recently initiated the Sino-Euro Vision and Brain Institute in collaboration with Northeastern University and He Shi Eye Care System.

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