Shanghai Government Stimulates International Cooperation in S&T Innovation

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The International Cooperation Programme of the Shanghai S&T Innovation Action Plan aims to enhance international S&T cooperation and open innovation, and accelerate S&T development and independent innovation capability of Shanghai. The programme managed by the S&T commission of the Shanghai Municipal government is divided into three sections: programme between enterprises, between governments and between academic institutions.

The focus areas for enterprises include:

  • biomedicine
  • 3D printing
  • civil aviation electromechanical systems
  • new technology services and digital TV technology
  • high-performance fibres
  • energy conservation
  • green technology

The budget for project proposals is no more than 2 million RMB per project. Priority will be given to joint projects between enterprises and scientific research institutions, and the innovation research project jointly developed by certified foreign R&D centres and the enterprises.

The programme between governments will focuses on the following areas:

  • health informatics
  • metabolic diseases
  • wireless sensing technology
  • research and production of low-cost high performance catalysts.

Budget for government tot government projects is considerably less (max. 50,000 RMB). The budget for projects between academic institutions is limited to 30,000 RMB per project.

All applications need to be submitted online by Chinese applicants via a Chinese website. Application deadline is 30 June, 2013. You can find more information about this programme here.


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