Shenzhen Eco-City Project kicks off with expert meeting

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The Shenzhen municipal government has the ambition to develop the Longgang district in a world leading eco-city. TU Delft, TNO and several other dutch companies and institutes cooperated together with Harbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen Graduate school to come up with an eco-city master plan.

The main goal of the project is to develop a new city covering 250 square km. The purpose is to set-up a Sino-Dutch cooperation framework for the joint development of a ‘low-carbon zone’ in Shenzhen with the involvement of the Dutch government as well as companies and research institutes.

This weekend an expert meeting will be held in Shenzhen. Participants are Dutch and Chinese experts and policymakers with knowledge of the different subjects relevant for the development of the eco-city. Besides experts and policymakers, Dutch and Chinese companies will also attend the expert meeting.

The scale&scope of cooperation possibilities with Shenzhen will be discussed. Topics which will be discussed are: Urban Planning, Energy, Infrastructure, Mobility/Transport, Knowledge Infrastructures and Governance.

This expert meeting is only the beginning of a major project to develop a Shenzhen eco-city. The cooperation offers enormous opportunities for Dutch knowledge institutes and companies to bring new concepts, innovations and developments.

NOST China will coordinate this expert meeting. Han Wesseling, our Science & Technology officer in Guangzhou, is fully involved in the expert meeting. Mr. Wesseling will attend the meeting together with Jan Reint Smit, our Counselor for Science & Technology.

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