Technology partnering between China and the Netherlands on Advanced Materials

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‘New materials’ is one of the seven priority industries of China’s 12th five year plan. Also in the Netherlands the Dutch public and private sector focus on advanced materials. Both countries know leading companies, universities and institutions in this field. Therefore the Netherlands Office Science and Technology organized a seminar on ‘Advanced Materials’. Representatives of Shanghai Institute of Ceramics (SIC), Teijin Aramid, Jiaotong University, Energy Research Centre the Netherlands (ECN), Zhejiang University, Unilever, Shanghai Advanced Research Institute (SARI) and AkzoNobel discussed different kind of technologies and possibilities to cooperate.

SIC introduced their technologies to control PM2.5 through architectural coating. For AkzoNobel, the leading global paints and coatings company, an interesting possibility for future cooperation. Another Dutch world leader, this time in aramids, gave a presentation on the Twaron fiber: Teijin Aramid. An impressive product, used all around the world and applied when strength, safety, heat or flame resistance, low weight or sustainability is required. Jiaotong University told about their solid oxide fuel cells research activities, a challenging area.

After the break ECN elucidated their recent innovations in additive manufacturing of ceramic shapes. With ECN know-how, Formatec Ceramics and Innotech Europe launched a new company, which will be the first company in the world that is able to print ceramics quickly and at a very high quality. Zhejiang University described their innovations on novel silicon containing polymer materials. Unilever introduced a new type of toothpaste: Regenerate. A toothpaste that contains calcium silicate and sodium phosphate, which effectively re-builds a new layer of white enamel on the teeth!

The seminar ended with a presentation of SARI and AkzoNobel. SARI explained their activities in the field of membranes. In this field ECN has a lot of experience as well. AkzoNobel, with a huge branch in China, gave an introduction on their activities. An interesting example of one of their recent innovations is the Suprasel Loso OneGrain. A great tasting like-for-like salt replacement which contains up to 50 percent less sodium. It makes food healthier without compromising on taste.

During the drinks all the different parties discussed possibilities to cooperate. In the coming months some of the participants will visit each other to reify these possibilities. Technology partnering between China and the Netherlands on advanced materials is prospering!


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