The necessity of more efficiency in China’s logistics

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Eighteen percent of China’s GDP can be attributed to the logistics sector, compared to eight and seven percent in the US and the Netherlands respectively. Various factors influence the efficiency e.g.: barriers and regional differences in policy, infrastructure and logistics services. Reforms and standardization are essential to improve the efficiency in China’s logistics. Reducing obstacles in the supply chain could increase trade by fifteen percent.

In order to increase the functionality of the logistics sector, the Chinese government initiated several reforms. Also Chinese companies are attentive to focus on their logistic efficiency, due to higher salaries and growing welfare.

The article of NOST China: ‘Overzichtsartikel Logistiek China’ Oct. 2013 (in Dutch) presents an overview of logistics in China. The article can be downloaded here:
Overzichtsartikel Logistiek China

A list of universities and other research institutes in China with a focus on logistics are presented in the following scheme:
Chinese Research Institutes focused on Logistics

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