Vice-minister Buijink visits Huawei in Shanghai

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Today vice-minister Buijink visited Huawei in Shanghai. He had a meeting with mr. Zhang, Senior vice president of Huawei.

The topics that they spoke about were among others experiences from Huawei in the Netherlands, the Dutch High-Tech knowledge and the cooperation and possible expansion with ACE.
Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. is a Chinese multinational networking and telecommunications equipment and services company headquartered in Shenzhen, (Guangdong province). It is the largest telecommunications equipment maker in the world, after having overtaken Ericsson.

Huawei has over 140,000 employees, around 46% of whom are engaged in research and development (R&D). It has 20 R&D institutes in countries including China, the United States, Germany, Sweden, India, Russia, and Turkey, and in 2011 invested 23,696,000,000 CNY (3,743,612,560 USD) in R&D.

Huawei also has an establishment in Amsterdam focused on logistics. The T-mobile 3g network in the Netherlands is provided by Huawei. This is the first high-tech achievement on such a big scale by a Chinese company in Europe. KPN and Vodafone are also using equipement provided by Huawei. KPN chose Huawei to be one of the important suppliers of their UMTS and DWDM fiberglass network.

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