‘Big Data’ Bio-Informatics mission to China

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From the 17th of March a Bio-informatic mission from the Netherlands will go to China. A short summary on this mission.

The introduction of genomics and novel insights in plant genetics and plant breeding resulted in quantum leaps, especially when it comes to breeding agricultural and vegetable crops. The development time of new and improved crop varieties has nowadays been greatly reduced. In the upcoming years the development time of plant varieties will decrease even further, as Next Generation Sequencing technology in plant breeding will be introduced.

DNA sequencing creates opportunities for companies to quickly translate genetic knowledge into new crop varieties. By exploiting the current state of art in science and technology, plant breeders are able to develop improved plant varieties with improved performance characteristics in terms of resistance, yield, quality and sustainability.

This is a challenge without frontiers: access to data and the ability to manipulate data are essential assets for industry and academia alike, both generally as well as globally.

These current developments can only be managed when generic developments in data field remain in the public domain, preferably in open sources. Only in this way, continuous development and improvement are sustainable and stimulated. This perspective should not be limited to the Netherlands or to a single company, it is an international perspective for the society at large as developments and implications in data analysis and data manipulation will have enormous implications for the global society and business.

More information and news will follow on this mission. Stay tuned.

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