DSM wins Human Nutrition Innovation Award

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dsm logoDSM China Ltd. has won the first ‘Nutrition Innovation Gold Award’ issued by the Chinese Nutrition Society (CNS). This award is granted to DSM in recognition of its outstanding contribution to nutritional science by constantly enhancing and improving human nutrition and the strong support it offers to the academic community in product development and applications. DSM was also acknowledged for its excellent contribution to providing innovative nutritional solutions to meet the needs of specific groups.

DSM has been actively involved in promoting nutritional research and networking in the Chinese academic community since the 1990s, supporting conferences and sponsoring a number of nutritional studies. In recent years, for example, the DSM and CNS Research Foundation was established in 2011, a series of events celebrated the 100 years of vitamins anniversary last year and the DSM Science and Technology Award, Asia was held in China in 2013.

The ‘Nutrition Innovation Award’ initiated by the CNS, aims to echo the spirits of promoting science in economic development proposed at the Eighth Congress of the Chinese Association for Science and Technology in 2011. It also targets to combine academic research and industrial development to promote innovation. This award was presented during the 11th CNS National Conference to inspire more corporations to make greater contributions in the research and development of nutrition and health products in China.

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