Chinese Research Developed New Nano Lithium Titanate Material

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A research team from Fudan University led by Prof. Xia Yongyao successfully developed new nano lithium titanate material of high electronic conductivity for better and safer lithium-ion batteries. Combination of solid-phase synthesis techniques and carbon-coating technology is applied in this research. The new lithium-ion battery can be used for storage of large scale energy from, for example, solar and wind.

Compared with current lithium batteries in use, the new nano lithium titanate battery would be more explosion-prove ( therefore safer) and more tolerant of extreme temperatures. More importantly, the new battery will improve tremendously in its life cycle, which lasts thousands of recharges. The new material has been used in solar-and- wind energy road lights, whose lithium battery need to be replaced only every 15 years, compare with 2 years of the traditional lithium-ion batteries.

Fudan University is actively looking for partners to put this new development to production.

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