Making sense of the buzz on Chinese social media

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NOST (TWA netwerk) paid a visit today to CIC in Shanghai. CIC is one of China’s leading social business intelligence providers. They are active in this market since 2004. In their own words, they are ‘making sense of the buzz’.

China has many different social media platforms, with a huge amount of users. To get a feeling of the size of the Chinese social media, take a look at these figures:

  • 485 million Internet users
  • 318 million Blog users
  • 144 million BBS users
  • 230 million SNS users
  • 195 million Weibousers
  • 301 million Video sharing users
  • 42 million Group purchase users

All these users are creating a vast volume of data. This data can be very useful for marketing managers. Collecting, processing and converting it into usable data is however far from easy. To mention two challenges: the Chinese social media platforms do not always have open APIs and users often use internet slag, abbreviations, jargon and nicknames. But with their experience and contact network in the social media world, CIC seems to be more than capable of tackling those challenges and indeed making sense of the buzz.

Link: CIC
Chinese social media statistics courtesy of CIC.

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