Mars One recruits in China

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Today on April 26, the founders of the Mars One Project officially launched their search in Asia for the first human settlers of Mars. At the Asia press conference held in Shanghai, the founders of the Mars One Project updated the press on the progress of the project. Since the announcement of the selection programme earlier this week in New York, Mars One received many reactions of prospective settlers.

Mars_one_artist impression first settlement

The Mars One Foundation is the non-for-profit organization that initiated the project to establish human settlement on Mars. Bas van Lansdorp, Co-founder and CEO of Mars One, stressed the goal of the first four Human settlers to come from four different continents including Asia. Technology wise the project is less challenging since the mission will make use of existing technologies available in the space industry. This doesn’t mean the project is easy and doesn’t need lots of preparation according to Bas van Lansdorp. “It will be a one way ticket for the first settlers and they really have to start from scratch to build a new society”.

One of the questions of the Asian press was about the diet of the first settlers to live on Mars. The first settlers have to grow their own vegetables . A concern of the reporter was a diet without meat.

Mars One press conference Shanghai

Mars One press conference Shanghai

Mr. Bas van Lansdorp is one of the speakers at the Dutch Innovators in Science & Technology event in Shanghai, organized by NOST China tonight.

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