TUDelft opens 3 research centres in China

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TU Delft opened a new research centre in China today. It is a collaboration with Wuhan University in the fields of Geo-information, Geodesy and Remote Sensing. This is the first of three new collaborations in China to be launched by TU Delft this week. The other projects are a centre for Water research (Nanjing) and another for Urban Systems & Environment research (Guangzhou).
TU Delft will open centres for Water research (Nanjing) and Urban Systems & Environment research (Guangzhou) during the next few days. Last year, TU Delft, established a successful LED research centre in Beijing and on Wednesday, 21 November. The chosen research themes are no coincidence: these are the fields of research in which TU Delft excels. Geo-information, the charting of the environment in 3D, is an important instrument in spatial planning, but it can also be used in disaster management, for example during floods

Water has always been one of TU Delft’s focuses of research, and it is one of the fields in which China faces the biggest challenges. These challenges include coastal defence, flooding and off-shore technology, as well as drinking water supply, port management and hydroelectric power.

The collaboration with South China University of Technology in Guangzhou centres on sustainable and smart urban systems and infrastructure, a subject that is currently high on the agenda in China. The research focuses on the infrastructures for energy, transport, telecom, water and waste, on green and ‘smart’ buildings and on improving the live-ability of the city.

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