Hydrogen Webinar: HyNed

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On Wednesday June 24 we had our third Hydrogen Webinar, hosting the government-backed HyNed cluster; five Dutch companies that together cover almost the full hydrogen supply chain. We talked about compression and storage, and applications for the transport and heavy industry.

The episode started with an opening speech and introduction of the government’s role in promoting hydrogen mobility by Bart Pouwels, Counsellor for Infrastructure, Water Management and Environment in the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Beijing (4:35).

Then the first company of the HyNed cluster presented itself. Hack Heyward, Head of China Maritime Systems at NedStack, talked about the applications of Nedstack’s PEM power plants (8:15).

Theo Hendriks, CEO at HyMove, talked about their hydrogen fuel cell systems for use as range extenders in electric buses, heavy duty vehicles and stationary power modules (18:08).

Daan ten Have, Commercial Manager Alternative Fuels & Consumer Products at KIWA, spoke about their Dutch lab which focuses on testing and certification of automotive, shipping and aerospace equipment (26:34).

Mascha Smit, Professor of Sustainable Energy at HAN University, spoke about the hydrogen projects the University has conducted and their hydrogen ambition (37:10).

Marco Betting, Commercial Director at HyET, talked about HyET’s Electrochemical Hydrogen Processing (EHP) technologies and its operational performance for high pressure hydrogen storages (42:33).

The powerpoint presentations can be downloaded below.

The webinar can be reviewed below (YouTube):

The webinar can be reviewed here when you are in China (YouKu):

NedStack – Hack Heyward
HyMove – Theo Hendriks
KIWA – Daan ten Have
HAN – Mascha Smit
HyEt – Marco Betting

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