China to be biggest global e-commerce market by 2015

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China is already home to the world’s largest online population but its e-commerce market is currently worth ‘only’ US$74 billion – less than half that of the US at $177 billion. But the Chinese e-commerce market is growing rapidly and with such a large online population, it may leap-frog over the penetration rate of standard retail stores. This is potentially …

Overview Of China Social Media Equivalents

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“Ogilvy China updated its infographic showing China’s social media equivalents – or copycats, as Western media loves to call them. Of course many of these started out as copycats, but most evolved into much more than the original Western website, either by adding additional functionalities or by localization of functions.”, wrote Marc van der Chijs (Dutch entrepreneur in Shanghai) on …

China Solid State Lighting kicks off in Guangzhou

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This morning, the 8th edition of the China International Forum on Solid State Lighting (SSL) kicked off in Guangzhou, with an opening address by Cao Jianlin, vice-minister of the Ministry of Science & Technology. The event also saw the official launch of the Global Student Challenge, organized by the International SSL Alliance (ISA). Philips is one of the sponsors of …

Biotech 2012 exhibition in Shenzhen

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The 4th edition of the International Exhibition on BioPharma, Biotechnology & Equipment (in short: Biotech 2012) will be held on May 9-11, 2012 in Shenzhen. This event used to be held in parallel with the China Hi-Tech Fair, but next year will see the first stand-alone edition of this exhibition targeted at biotech and biopharma companies as well as specialized …

The ambition of the agrifood-sector in China

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The agricultural sector is one of the most important economical sector in China. China is with 300 million farmers the largest producer of agri-products. The R&D-investments of China grew to 4,3 Billion Dollar is the past deccenium, that is an annual growth of eleven procent. China knows that innovation is the key to provide food for everyone. This can be …

Making sense of the buzz on Chinese social media

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NOST (TWA netwerk) paid a visit today to CIC in Shanghai. CIC is one of China’s leading social business intelligence providers. They are active in this market since 2004. In their own words, they are ‘making sense of the buzz’. China has many different social media platforms, with a huge amount of users. To get a feeling of the size …

Baidu says bye bye to its microblog

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China’s search engine giant Baidu is shutting down its microblogging service ‘Baidu ShuoBa’ by 22 of August. The service which was launched last year, and was competing with microblogging services like Sina’s Weibo, Tencent’s Weibo and many more. Tencent claims 200m users and Sina 140m for their microblogs.    

China to release self-developed aircraft engine

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Last month, China’s passenger-jet manufacturer COMAC (Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China), announced that an overall design plan for an indigenously developed large passenger-jet engine is expected to be released by the end of this year. The engine is developed with the C919 passenger jet in mind. Separately, China SignPost reports that the Chinese Aviation Industry Corporation (AVIC) is planning to …